Thoughts on networking from a professional recruiter

Three times a week I speak with someone who has lost their job. Although I am sure that this is a function of the current economy, after 16 years of recruiting you can just imagine how many people that I have counseled on job search and getting over the pain of losing their job and moving on.

Time and time again the same thing comes up in every conversation. People have been so immersed in their jobs that they have not honed their networks and when they lose their jobs, they don’t know who to call. We can all identify with this. We work long hours and then run home to the family, the kids, the dog or whoever needs us. We try to get to the gym, run errands, get groceries and try hard to get some social life squeezed into our busy lives.

Who has time to network and keep up with old contacts?

The answer is, you have to if you want to have a great successful career and if you don’t want to blind-sided one day by downsizing, takeovers or management changes. Take my advice – stay connected, use LinkedIn and social media to make it easier. Keep your resume updated and keep a log of your projects and accomplishments and always take the call from a recruiter. No one seems to like a recruiter but they become your best friend when you need them!

If you are in a senior position, my further advice is to take guest speaking engagements, become a thought leader in your industry, network all that you can and stay in touch with industry news and advancements.

I know this all sounds like a rant. You have a great career, a great company and you feel safe, but one day you will be thankful that you took this advice or you will say “I should have taken the advice from Susan at Fresh Management.” You are in charge of “Jane/John Doe Inc.”. Don’t let other people manage your career, take charge for yourself.