Competing Big or Small
If you are part of a smaller Commercial Real Estate firm competing against large Global organizations, these tools and data services will make you stand out in the crowd. Although all of the large Global firms are implementing these and many other tools, change is slower and involves far more time to adapt. Planning the right blend of the right tools and data is relatively straightforward. Executing this for a team of 20 is relatively straightforward. Implementing for a global team of 1,000 or 5,000 is substantially more complex and timely.

For large global companies in this space, like many other industries, a secret to success is not to include your operating and selling teams in “project extension to extinction programs”. Big ships take a long time to turn, ensure that your strategic plan includes key, easy to deliver short range solutions that can be quickly adapted to your teams on the ground while you build that robust 2 to 5 year solution.

For smaller firms, your advantage comes when you blend the right tools with the right technology with the right data and make the right decisions about the most appropriate method of execution. Being nimble with today’s tools and data is critical to success.

Data is the one key differentiator. It used to be that access to this was a competitive differentiator. Data access today is ubiquitous. Make sure your teams have access to the right data, through the use of the right technologies to empower your teams to service your customers better than anyone else possibly could.