Presenting yourself in the most professional manner possible and showing and talking like you want the job can often have a huge impact on your success in landing the job. So polish your shoes, dry clean your suit, whiten your teeth, ask for the job. So much emphasis is put on the tactical efforts required to get the interview. Have a great resume, a customized cover letter, a great LinkedIn profile and a comprehensive project list and reference list that is prepared for the interview.


All of the above items are critical, tactical things that can set you apart from your competition and you need to make sure that on paper (or screen) you are a fantastic top candidate. All of the emotional responses are incredibly important during an interview. A Client usually decides within the first three minutes if you are the candidate of choice so please do the following things in preparation for the interview to boost your chances of success.

13 Things to do for an interview

  1. Make sure you have a freshly pressed suit and shirt (and tie for a male)
  2. Make sure your shoes are polished and not scuffed or broken
  3. Ensure that your hair and nails are clean.  For women choose a clear or light color polish
  4. Remove any nose rings, tongue rings or any other noticeable places
  5. Do not wear overly heavy cologne or perfumes, women should avoid heavy makeup or distracting jewelry
  6. Ensure that you have clean teeth and fresh breath.  Use whitener if your teeth are stained
  7. Practice your handshake and make sure that you hands are clean and dry before the shake (nothing worse than a wet handshake)
  8. Come prepared and ensure that you have researched the company, practices answers to behavioral interview questions and have some smart questions to ask
  9. Be engaged and professional during the interview.  Listen intently and answer the questions fully
  10. If you do not understand the question ask the interviewer to qualify
  11. Make sure that the interviewer is confident that you want the job.  80% of hiring managers when comparing two similarly skilled candidates choose the candidate who had the enthusiasm and wanted the job.
  12. Ensure that you follow up with thank you notes to all hiring managers (get their cards during the interviews).  I prefer hand written and delivered the next day or emails before 9am the next morning are my second choice.  If you are working with a recruiter ask them what to expect during the process and follow up appropriately.  Debrief thoroughly so the recruiter knows the full details.
  13. Ensure that your references are prepared to be contacted and be ready with copies of degrees etc. in case of background screens.

Best of luck in your interview process and look forward to your Fresh start!