Fresh Management Flat Fee Recruiting

The pressure to find great talent while keeping cost per hire low requires companies to seek flexible alternative ways to get the right talent at the right price. Our Fresh Management Flexible Recruiting solutions helps our clients avoid the high cost for traditional agency fees, job postings, endless hours of line managers on social networking sites and the massive amount of time spent filtering all of the applications. We have represented our clients for over 16 years by doing what we do best – identifying and recruiting talent needed for business success. We are committed to helping you hire the right talent for the right price. Although in many ways social media has streamlined the process for professional recruiters, nurturing a network of active and passive candidates can be hard, especially if you don’t have the right tools or sources. Without a scientific approach, hours could be spent trying to connect with the right people for open jobs.

Line Managers are spending 30% of their time on recruiting functions instead of their regular duties. Let our team find you the right talent at the right price, allowing your managers to focus on what they do best and we can do what we do best – connecting you with great talent.

At Fresh Management, our cutting edge technology immediately connects us to job boards, social networking profiles and a slew of other talent sources to build a network of passive and active candidates that we can tap into at any time. We constantly stay in touch with great talent and cultivate them. So when you have the right job, we can introduce them to your company and get them excited about your opportunity. Fresh Management leverages their 16 years of experience, a scientific approach, cutting edge technology and social network recruiting to successfully build your team with the right talent.
Pick and choose a recruiting solution that works for you. If you are not interested in full search services , we offer a resume filtering service that allows you to quickly have a shortlist of candidates. We can do telephone screening, background checks, testing or reference checks which helps to take the workload off of your hiring managers while managing your cost per hire. Our Fresh team will customize a solution that fits with your budget and your talent strategy.

Call Fresh Management and lower your Cost per Hire. Our flexible and customized flat fee structure helps you to keep and eye on the bottom line while we find you the right talent at the right price.

Fresh Management’s Flexible Recruiting Solutions help to get the right talent while lowering the cost per hire