Fresh Management Talent Acquisition

FINDING great people is challenging. By attempting to hire on your own, on top of your other responsibilities, amazing candidates can slip through the cracks or go completely undiscovered. Missing out on a candidate because you or your traditional agency couldn’t move fast enough costs time, money and productivity. In any organization our people are our greatest asset.

If you’re going to successfully recruit and hire today’s top candidates, you need a talent acquisition team that connects great people and your organization professionally and efficiently without ballooning traditional search firm fees. Our flexible solutions allow you to control recruitment costs and keep overheads down.

Flat Fee Recruiting

We build great teams with an eye to the Bottom Line. Click here to find out more about our Flat Fee pricing structure.

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Contract Talent

Plan and complete your projects using flexible staffing solutions. Getting the talent where and when you need it keeps you on time and on budget.

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Talent Process Audit

Our Talent Acquisition audit team can help you realign or setup your recruiting department from scratch or tweak your process to make your talent strategy a success.

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Fresh Management’s Other Services

To Grow, Compete and Focus, all organizations large or small need to have the best talent on the ground. At Fresh we believe that growth is dependent on having the right people in the right postiions. In addition to helping you with acquiring great talent, we can help you with your overall Talent Strategy and we can ensure that you have the technology, tools and training to set you up to attract and retain your workforce.

The Fresh Management Consulting team can help you to build an integrated Talent Management Strategy. Without a Talent Management Strategy focused on keeping critical people engaged—including talent maps, targeted training, clear career paths, job rotation and other development tools—critical employees may be job searching on linked-in, rather than executing the organization’s strategy. We can help you with retention plan, onboarding, analysis, ATS Integration, Talent Mapping, Workforce Planning and development tools, Referral technology and many other Employee Performance and managing tools.

  • An integrated Talent Management Strategy helps you to stay competitive
  • A Talent Management Strategy must be tied into overall business strategy for it to be effective

Integrated, scalable HR applications and processes can promote a consistent culture, plan and strategy without compromising local nuance and effectiveness. These systems can help organizations to engage employees directly and make them responsible for their actions, which can have a direct impact on the success of the organization. Moreover, they can do so without overburdening HR staff.
Our technology consulting services team specializes in defining the human resources IT architecture, while taking into account the required functionality and the human resources processes that must be supported. They are not tied to a specific software or ATS so an objective, customized approach with help you get the right solution for your specific needs.

We can help you implement the tools to create a best practice framework for successful recruitment. Our Talent Process team can help you to integrate tools such as requisition approval forms, interview guides, reference check documents as well as recommending job boards, background check providers and referral systems. We can also provide recruitment training to hiring managers or recruiters. People are the most important company asset and we can help you to tweak your process to ensure that your process is running like a well oiled machine.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flat Fee Recruiting is a cost efficient way to hire
  • The Fresh Recruitment team is dedicated to finding our clients the right fit at the right price
  • Over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition
  • Additional consulting services support your entire Talent Management Strategy
  • We leverage cutting edge technology, social networks and a scientific process to attain talent
  • An Integrated solid Talent Management Strategy drives growth

What Client’s Say

"Susan understands our culture and our needs and has placed more than 30 extraordinary people with our organization. Her professionalism and desire to help us build teams was refreshing and the flat fee structure has helped us control recruiting costs"
CFO, Global Commercial Real Estate firm
"Susan helped us to hire our two new recruits as if she was hiring for herself. The process was smooth and efficient and we are thrilled with our new recruits"
Owner, Mid Sized law firm