Fresh Management’s areas of Specialty

focusat Fresh Management, is always about the end benefit to our clients. Through our specialist teams we offer upfront, informed and intelligent advice to small and medium sized businesses, as well as to individuals and project teams. By understanding your strategic objectives and decision-making processes, we help you deliver the right information to support your strategy. We will leverage Business Intelligence tools to manage and report performance results, allowing our clients to use the information that really matters. We provide value driven results by setting realistic attainable milestones and we strive to implement solutions that have lasting impact on the ground. We will optimize your business and help you achieve success because your success is our success.

Assessment and Strategy

Our Fresh Management Consulting team applies fresh thinking and strategic business planning to identify where the new opportunities lie and then we give your company the insight to be perfectly placed to exploit each opportunity to the fullest.  Thinking about a near future exit strategy – the time is now to activate a plan.

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Information Technology

The Fresh Management technology team ignite growth, profit and competitive advantage through well designed and executed plans. Our team helps our clients to realize the business value from IT and avoid the myriad of pitfalls that can arise from poor interpretation of business needs to IT requirements.

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Social Media and Marketing Strategy

Our Social Media Specialists will provide you with recommendations and help identify your brand strengths and market opportunities. Leveraging Social Strategies is essential in business, we can help you build an integrated Marketing Strategy together with an integrated social marketing strategy that can create new paths to growth.

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Organizational Effectiveness

To Grow, Compete and Focus, all organizations large or small need a fresh approach to optimize their business. Fresh Management helps companies to develop and implement business strategies, operational processes and culture re-alignments to achieve results.   Ask us how we can help.

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Fresh Management’s Other Services

Our team have held senior positions before becoming consultants and facilitators. We therefore bring a highly practical approach to projects and we implement solutions that really work and deliver results in the workplace. We operate as a team of associates, allowing us to bring in the unique skills that you may require relevant to your needs at any one time, rather than fitting a predesigned model to your business. We have fixed project pricing so that you know upfront what your project will cost without the surprises that usually come along with outsourcing.

A Fresh Management coach acts as a sounding board; challenges thinking; stimulates creativity; provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations; gives encouragement; and builds confidence. The coach has unconditional positive regard for the client, has no agenda other than the client’s and is always on the client’s side. Together with good personal chemistry – which is essential – this builds a working partnership based on trust.

  • Clients develop their potential and apply it productively in the workplace.
  • Clients tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill; and achieve better results for their organizations and for themselves.

To remain competitive and take advantage of online marketing advantages you must adopt a solid SEO strategy. For success, this strategy must be integrated with your marketing and social media plans and with your overall business strategy. The SEO plan must be flexible enough to move with the rapid changes in the social space and must adopt the growing importance of content management.

  • Driving more traffic to your website is essential for lead generation in business today
  • By adopting an SEO strategy that utilizes effective tools, your website can create a new path of growth.

Fresh Management helps real estate owners; users and investors to better navigate the market’s complexities and manage its inherent risks. We help clients to manage their real estate meeting their business requirements and watching the bottom line.
Whether you need help finding the right location or you need help to negotiate the best possible terms, rent review and lease review, our Real Estate Advisory team can help. At Fresh Management, we advise clients in all aspects of acquiring, managing, and disposing of property.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our consultants have been leaders in business and understand the need for practical value driven solutions
  • Fresh Management provides a cost controlled alternative to traditional consulting firms allowing you to manage costs
  • We get to know your business in order to offer smart and value driven solutions that provide can be felt on the ground
  • Our recruitment arm can help source talent for ongoing projects so that full time resources are not required, saving you money
  • Fresh thinking and strategy help you find where opportunities lie
  • We are committed to providing value, driving results and success for projects large or small

What Client’s Say

"Our company was looking to grow, we just did not have the capacity to do it independently. Mario and his team helped us along every step of the journey, from planning, to real estate advise, to reengineering all of our business processes. Our growth plan achieved dramatic success. Mario was at our side providing guidance throughout the expansion. Our marketing and social media program continue to drive growth."
Category, North American Distributor
"Being able to call Mario and bounce ideas off of him at anytime, without feeling like the meter was running added to our positive experience. He supported us and helped us through some difficult decisions and helped us navigate our project to success. "
Category, Family-Run Mid-Sized Company