-How to Plant a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree-

1. Find the Right Location
When you search for the perfect spot in your yard to plant your tree, keep these facts in mind: on the average, a Colorado Blue Spruce tree grows to be 35 feet high and 15 feet across. It grows best in moist, nutrient-rich, but well-drained soil. This type of evergreen prefers full or partial sun. It doesn’t grow well in shade.

2. Dig the Hole
To plant your Colorado Blue Spruce tree, you’ll need to dig a hole that’s three times the width of its rootball. The hole will need to be deep enough so when you plant the tree, the top of the rootball will be level with the surrounding ground.

3. Plant Your Tree
When you plant your Colorado Blue Spruce tree, center it in the hole. Fill the hole back up with the soil you dug out and level the top out. Then, water the tree lightly and place a couple inches of mulch around its base. The mulch will help keep the soil moist while it’s getting established in its new location.

-How to Care for a Colorado Blue Spruce Tree-

1. Water Your Young Tree Once a Week in Dry Weather
Mature Colorado Blue Spruce trees are pretty resistant to drought. However, in dry weather, you’ll need to water your young tree once a week to keep the soil moist until it’s established.

2. Prune Your Tree in the Early Spring
One fine characteristic of the Colorado Blue Spruce tree is that it doesn’t normally require pruning. The only pruning you’ll need to do on this slow grower is to remove any dead branches in the spring.

3. Fertilize in the Spring and in the Fall in Its Third Year
According to experts, Colorado Blue Spruce trees shouldn’t be fertilized for the first two years after you plant them. For the first two years, these trees need to grow their root systems. Fertilizing them stimulates top growth which they don’t need yet. Established Colorado Blue Spruce trees should be fertilized in the spring after it has started growing again. And, again in the fall after the tree has stopped growing.