Fresh Management

Our Company Mission
Fresh Management delivers value driven smart business solutions. We connect our clients with the best talent and help them to create new paths of growth by identifying strengths and opportunities in the marketplace. We will provide value solutions to our clients keeping an eye on their bottom line. Our business grows when our clients grow and we enjoy success when our clients have success
Fresh Management Talent Team
Headed by Susan McKechnie, our talent acquisition team has successfully recruited for clients since 1996. We believe that you must have the right people in the right positions in order to compete and grow in today’s business climate. Our commitment is to get the right fit for your organization for the right price.
Fresh Management Consulting Team
Headed by a former COO, Mario Kovacevic, our Consulting team has expertise in a wide range of areas and can deliver solutions that help drive value and results. All of our team members understand the challenges that face today’s business leaders. In Mario’s previous leadership roles, he experienced the billable hours and hidden costs that are buried into projects which did not add value. Mario and his team are committed to providing smart solutions that are delivered in a cost efficient manner, always providing value driven solutions.

FRESHrecently acquired and successfully merged a Management Consulting firm together with a 15 year old Recruitment firm, IT Synergy Inc., to provide clients with additional scope, capacity and expertise. Our Talent Acquisition team provides a cost effective recruitment solution to businesses by billing a flat fee for service. This allows you to control recruitment costs and keep overheads down. Our Flat retained fees allow the Fresh Team to focus on a client’s needs and achieve milestones in the search for the right candidate. The Fresh Management recruiting process and consultative approach consistently provides you with the right talent.

Our professional Management Consultants are experienced in developing enduring client relationships and ensuring total quality control. Having the recruiting capability in house provides us with added capacity and enables us to leverage the knowledge of contractors on an as needed basis to meet a diverse range of challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering smart solutions to meet our clients’ business goals and objectives. With the goal of providing value, our services are specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each individual organization and situation. Our Management Consultants have been in leadership positions within many industries and they understand the decisions and challenges that our clients face.

We have a Toronto and a West GTA office in Burlington and we are available at [email protected]. Get Ready for the Fresh Approach!

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