Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends 2013

With a few of our consultants having had extensive experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry in roles including; Operations, Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Research and Human Resourcing. Many of our clients are asking what changes and trends we see for the future in this industry.

Attend a technology or marketing conference and you will see hundreds of new technologies and tools that apply to the world of Commercial Real Estate. Navigating the technology world is challenging but it is essential that leaders in Commercial Real Estate ensure that they maintain focus in the following areas.

Why You Should include Flat Fee Recruitment in Your Talent Management Strategy

Reducing cost per hire is a goal in any Talent Management Strategy. In recent years, online and social media recruiting has eliminated the need for expensive print ads, yet companies are finding that those savings by traditional recruitment firms have not been passed down to them.

Outsourced Flat Fee consulting is a relatively new concept here in Canada but it is growing in popularity in Europe and the UK.  It is intended for those employers who do not want to pay high recruitment fees, but at the same time do not want to handle the recruitment process themselves.

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Consider training before looking externally

Without a strategic talent management strategy we often get caught in the trap of needing help and immediately looking to the market for a candidate with specific skills. Obviously this is necessary and if it wasn’t I would not be gainfully employed, however considering our teams’ core competences should be the first step.
Look within your team and then within the company before you hire externally.